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In this day and age everybody is always working, all the time. It’s hard to find a moment to browse stores for good deals that won’t put a dent in your hard-earned money. You could always take some catalogues to leaf through during your lunch break while downing a good kebab, but even then… it’s your lunch break. Some people manage to juggle all these things, but others just don’t have the energy to care. What if it was all made simple?

You’ve probably heard of our app Promo King by now, and for those of you who’ve adopted it already, we’ve very happy to have you. While the app takes away the invasiveness of catalogues and brochures, you still have to look and compare. That’s where Best Deals comes in.

Every week, we look at different catalogues from different brands and see what the best discounts are and put them in one place. The Best Deals catalogue has already been running for a few weeks already, and as with every new product, it requires some testing and tweaking. We’ll be rolling out a new version soon that will focus on one type of product per week rather than a mixture of food and electronics and jewelry and so on. This more focused version will allow users to know from the get go if the products featured within are what they are looking for.

With Best Deals, you can take a cursory glance at products that may catch your attention, which may in turn make you want to see the whole catalogue for similar bargains. Who knows, in doing so you may find more of what you were looking for in another catalogue. You’ve browsed less and gained more!

Download Promo King today and enjoy many best deals discounts.

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